Stewart Dugdale is an Award Winning Composer, Sound Designer & Dialogue Editor with over 10 years experience. His credits appear on TV shows, films and radio as well as in music libraries around the world. A skilled composer whose previous experience as a producer and songwriter help in creating different rhythms and melodies that make his work stand out from conventional compositions. Stewart has produced and currently licences two music libraries. Royalty Free Tunes and PPM Music

As a Composer, Sound Designer and Dialogue Editor, Stewart has worked on TV and Films since 2006. He has worked on Comedy, Drama, Documentary’s as well as Thrillers, and Sci-Fi films. Stewart is a multi-skilled composer and writes in many styles and genres and has scored award winning short films. He is also a specialist in Sound Design and dialogue editing. He has also edited a vast collection of audio Books. He is currently represented by his publisher Paul Rodriguez Music